Website Success Tips

Are You Maximizing Your Presence on the NEIRA Consumer Website?

Our website stats for show that engagement time on the site is over 1.5 minutes, above average for sites like ours. Naturally, you want to increase your chances of having them stumble across you during this browsing time.  So be sure you’ve covered all the bases included in your membership and consider the opportunities that come from our Marketing Tiers program:

Maximize Your Property Listing:  Your property listing should be rich with descriptions, a robust photo gallery, extensive activity and amenity information, and all the direct links to your reservation system, website, and phone (click to call).  Hint:  check out what other properties in your comp set have included in their listings if you need some inspiration.  Get how-to instructions here.  Included in your membership.  

Upload Special Offers & Packages:  You can have an unlimited number of packages listed in the “Offers” section of the site, and you should take full advantage of that.  These do NOT have to be discounts, though they can be if you wish.  They are hotel packages that cater to a variety of special interests and seasonal offerings, such as Girlfriend Getaways, Fall, Pet Friendly, Spa & Wellness, Holiday Season, Culinary, Military/First Responders, and more.  You can upload packages at any time with date parameters to ensure they only show up when available.  Upload packages through your member dashboard. Included in your membership.

Offer Inn Crowd Deals:  Twice a month, we send a roundup of discounted member hotel deals to our growing opt-in database of 27,000+ subscribers.  These offers live on our website during each Inn Crowd period and subscribers who click on ANY offer in the email are brought to that page… so they can discover you there too.  Get how-to instructions here.  Included in your membership.

Consider Experience Listings & Hero Slideshows:  There’s an entire section of our consumer website dedicated to experience categories, such as Foodie, Beach, Golf, Family, Weddings, Meetings, and so on.  These high-traffic pages are each SEO-optimized for their travel theme, and we also put a dedicated SEM program behind promoting them.  If your property is a good match for any of those experience categories, you should consider our Marketing Tiers program.  This allows you to choose one or more (up to unlimited!) experience categories to feature your property.  The Marketing Tiers program also offers the option to be featured in your state’s home page slide show and our gift card page slideshow.  Tip #1:  Properties with 15 or fewer rooms receive a 50% discount on Marketing Tiers.  Tip #2:  If you participate in the Groups, Weddings, or Meetings categories, you receive direct leads and requests for quotes from our site.  See here for the Marketing Tiers pricing and information.