Virtual Round Tables

Quarterly Roundtable Discussions

Do you have a problem to solve at your property? Want ideas on how to solve it from other New England lodging professionals who share your specific role and speak your language?  From staffing challenges and service costs to soft booking patterns, pricing strategy, and much more, our role-specific virtual quarterly roundtables give you access to a group of peers who can help.  Heck, you can even just come and listen because you might get ideas for heading off problems before they arise.

Each quarter, NEIRA hosts a one-hour virtual roundtable session for each of six different lodging roles:  GMs, Sales Professionals, Marketers, HR Professionals, Chefs, and Revenue Managers.  Hot topics of interest are collected in advance and shared before each roundtable so folks can come prepared with questions and/or thoughts to share.  

Members LOVE these roundtables because history has shown that NEIRA members are always willing to share information with each other… their experiences, resource contacts, successes, and even missteps!   The in-person roundtable sessions are one of the most beloved events at our Annual Conference, and these quarterly virtual events just keep the problem solving going all year long.